serving slow cooked meats, scratch-made sauces, and fresh sides

Matt Lundgren

Matt began his restaurant experience as a dishwasher at 14 years old in his small hometown of in Western NY.  He worked his way into opening and running a kitchen daily for lunches at a local restaurant.  After moving to Raleigh 15 years ago, Matt continued his growth in the business by bartending and managing a variety of locally owned restaurants.  Taking some time to wander the country, Matt was exposed to different styles of food and manners in which that food was served.  He was able to work in and sample some great venues along the way in five great culinary cities around the country.  Raleigh, however, called him back to begin the process of forging his own dream.  It was that journey that brought him to partner with longtime friend Anthony Reid in the creation of the Wandering Moose.

Anthony Reid

​​Anthony’s journey started with a summertime job as a busser at Outback Steakhouse.  That summertime job lead to a successful 12 year career in which he worked his way through the kitchen all the way to Operating Partner.  In search of that next great step in his career, Anthony left Outback to find a start-up concept that he could use his experience to help grow and mold.  Over the next 3 years he helped establish start-up concepts such as Cafe Caturra, Carmel Cafe, and PDQ.  Still wandering for that perfect fit, Anthony re-located to the restaurant filled Mecca of Charleston, SC, where he worked with the Jim N Nick's brand to grow their new Fast-Casual concept, Nick's BBQ.  After spending a learning filled year and a half with Nick’s, Anthony found himself back in Raleigh, partnering with longtime friend Matt Lundgren on his next adventure, the world of Food Trucks.  

Behind The Moose!